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Getting Started

If you are just beginning your search and haven't chosen a program yet, complete an advising application to get you started and you can meet with an OCSE Program Manager!

Once you've decided on your program, the next step is to apply! Be sure to verify your eligibility for off-campus study before completing a program application. All students should meet Skidmore requirements and the requirements of their chosen program before applying. Please consult with OCSE if you have any questions regarding your eligibility.

Eligibility Requirements for Off-Campus Study

Step One: Declare your major

Step Two: Complete the appropriate OCSE online application at least two weeks before your program's deadline but no later than October 15th for spring programs and March 15th for fall and full year programs. Be sure you know the appropriate deadline for your chosen program. All program deadlines can be found through the Program Search tool.

Step Three: Wait for notification (through your online OCSE student portal and email) of your approval.

Step Four: If approved for a non-Skidmore Program, apply directly to your program provider. If approved for a Skidmore Program, await further instruction from the Program Manager.